I'm new to git.  I need some help refactoring my workflow.

Here is my setup.

There are three of us working on one server, each with individual
repositories (clones) on the server (this is important because our
test environment can't work from branches, it needs to work from
actual files)

so, there is the 1_1 folder (main repo)
1_1issac for me
1_1kasey and 1_1josh

So, here is my sample workflow

--Begin doc

I'm Issac.  I'm working on some calendar code, on my mac, it's at ~/
1_1issac/admin/pageType/calendar/admin.php (this is a clone of my

I've made some local edits, to put it on the server I now do this (on
my local terminal)

    cd ~/1_1issac #my root directory

    git commit -a #find all of my changes and commit them to the local

    git push ssh://<server>/<repoDir>/1_1issac

Now, I've made a new icon at /admin/pageType/calendar/icon.png

git add admin/pageType/calendar/icon.png

git commit -a

git push ssh://<server>/<repoDir>/1_1issac

I e-mail kasey "Kasey, I've put a temp icon in the 1_1issac folder
under admin/pageType/calendar/icon.png could you give me a better

He does, first he jumps on the server and updates his current working
files with the things that I'm working on:

ssh <server>
cd <repoDir>/1_1kasey
git pull ../1_1issac
# your back to your regular environment now
cd <wherever the stuff you normally work on it>

git pull ssh://<server>/<repoDir>/1_1kasey

#edit my crapy paint drawing

git commit -a

git push ssh://<server>/<repoDir>/1_1kasey


Please tell me what I'm doing wrong (if anything) and what I could be
doing better.  I've been using git for a few days, and I'm trying to
teach my team to as well.
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