On  0, MacRae <macrae.lin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running 1.5.6 and want to upgrade to the latest version. I built
> 1.5.6 from source, but am kind of new at this and was wondering how to
> update to the new source smoothly. Do I just download the new source
> and make make install it straight? or is there some step I should
> complete first. Will installing the new version clear out the old
> version?
> Anyway, I'm not sure how to proceed. Thanks!
> -MacRae

I would recommend doing 'make uninstall' with the 1.5.x source
first before installing 1.6.x.

Many git-foo commands were removed from $prefix/bin in 1.6.x,
so blindly installing 1.6.x will leave those files sitting
around which is not good.

BTW if you're using debian or fedora you can install the
git-core package and not have to worry about these details.

Good luck,



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