On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 11:45:18PM -0700, Broc wrote:
> I have a git repository at a cloud-based host (Heroku) which is one of
> the destinations for a push. I also use a git repo at a source control
> host (Assembla) which I have set up as a remote.
> What I would like to do is set up the Assembla remote as a mirror of
> the main repo so when I do a
>  $ git push --all
>  it goes out to both repos instead of having to do:
>  $ git push
>  $ git push assembla
> I've read in the docs that you can add the remote as a mirror using --
> mirror, but AFAIK this is only for new repos - is this correct, am I
> missing something here?

  Do you have raw shell access to one of the repositories? Then you can

  (i) Push to the other repository, set up the shell-available one using
git clone --mirror and put git fetch to crontab.

  (ii) Push to the shell-available repository, set up the other as bare
and put git push --all to crontab or the repository post-update hook.

  Alternately, simply

  (iii) Set up a shell or git command alias locally so that you push
to both repos automagically when you type the given command.

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