On Apr 15, 11:45 pm, Broc <amas...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  it goes out to both repos instead of having to do:
>  $ git push
>  $ git push assembla
> I've read in the docs that you can add the remote as a mirror using --
> mirror, but AFAIK this is only for new repos - is this correct, am I
> missing something here?

The --mirror option is about the layout (i.e. instead of pushing the
matching refs to the remote, you push all your refs to the remote and
remove refs that you do not have from the remote) and does not have
anything to do with pushing to multiple places.

But you can define a phony remote "all" that has more than one URL,

        [remote "all"]
                url = main.host.xz:my.git
                url = secondary.host.xz:my.git

and say (with or without --mirror)

        $ git push all

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