On Sep 15, 4:23 pm, Marcello Henrique <fara...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is possible copy files between local branches, for example:
> marce...@itacellus:/var/www/moodle-git$ git branch -a
>   UFG_18
> * UFG_19
>   remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/UFG_18
>   remotes/origin/UFG_18
>   remotes/origin/UFG_19
> I want copy in file system from branch UFG_18 to UFG_19, because we 18
> and 19 is versions and different codes.
> I try doing clone two times from different directories, and copy from
> them, but I think this is not the right way.

I cannot quite parse what you wrote; I understood this as you want to
copy a file from the tip of another branch to the working directory.

To do this you use `git show TREEISH:path/to/file >path/to/local/file`
where "TREEISH" is anything pointing to a tree: the name (hash) of a
commit, a tag, a branch name etc.
For instance, if you want to replace the file foo.c in the working
directory with the contents of the same file as found at the tip of a
non-current branch UFG_18, you can use `git show UFG_18:foo.c >foo.c`.
If you want the contents of that file as found in some previous commit
made on the branch UFG_18, you first get the name of that commit (by
studying the output of `git log UFG_18` for instance) and then use
that commit name in place of the branch name with `git show`.

Read git-rev-parse manual page for details.
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