On Sep 15, 7:55 pm, Marcello Henrique <fara...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I cannot quite parse what you wrote; I understood this as you want to
> > copy a file from the tip of another branch to the working directory.
> Exactly, not only one file but directories.
> Don't exist: $ git cp -r UFG_18:/path/dir /pathmy/dir ?
I have not heard of a readily available tool to do this,
but it looks like it's doable with a script: provided you have a
"treeish" and a pathname
to start with, use `git ls-tree` and `git cat-file` to traverse the
given tree and
fetch all its directories and files.
Use the TREEISH^{tree} notation to get the tree object out of the
initial "treeish".

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