Hi all,
 I'm just starting to look at git after a long while away from version
control software (as a clue, the last thing I used in real anger was

What I'd like to know if it is possible to achieve the following:

We use software that hosts multiple web sites that has a structure

/base ------  /common_dir1
           \  \  \ /common_dir2
            \  \   /site1
             \     /site2

What I'd like to do is to be able to setup a repository to track all
changes to /base, /common_dir1, /common_dir2 & /site1 and another
seperate repository to track /base, /common_dir1, /common_dir2 & /

Initially, I'd be looking at using local repositories but would
probably like to be able to clone the structures to remote machines
for backup, but I'm happy to jump straight to remote repositories if

I'd appreciate any advice anyone could give - from what I've seen
through google this might well involve submodules but I just can't get
them to work.

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