On Nov 26, 11:23 am, itroot <ivan.tolstoshe...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Some branches in git are tracking another branches (for example,
> usually master tracks origin/master). Let's assume, that in my work-
> flow i don't want accidentally commit in master, but i want master to
> track origin/master. I release that i can do this with hooks, but this
> solution seems to me complicated.
> Can i make some git branches const?

I think you can not, but until you have pushed the branch with wrongly
applied commits
you can easily revert these wrong changes using `git reset --
hard ...`,
so the absence of immutable branches is not a big loss.

On the other hand, Git already includes certain things which are there
for convenience, so why not.
In either case, you should suggest your idea on the official Git
mailing list, not here.


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