On Nov 27, 10:25 pm, Rick DeNatale <rick.denat...@gmail.com> wrote:

>>> The concept for a fixed pointer to a commit is called a tag.  If I
>>> want to mark a point I might want to get back to, such as the commit
>>> corresponding to a current release, the I tag it and push the tag.
>> Good point, but there's one exception: you can't fast forward a tag,
>> while this is often the sole reason for the existance of the master
>> branch
>> as a mirror of origin/master.
>> But then again, to fast forward a branch it must not be immutable ;-)
> You can't fast forward, or merge to, a tag because it is a constant
> pointer to a given commit.  Which is what the OP seemed to be asking
> for.
> Q.E.D.

Correct, but I was referring to periodical fast-forwarding master
from the branch it's tracking to follow upstream development,
which is quite common.


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