On Dec 4, 6:15 am, deepak <kannan.dee...@gmail.com> wrote:

> i have a folder with a bunch of git repos, when i copy a repos to an
> external disk by running the unix command 'cp -r', then git status
> shows that all files have been modified even though i see the fetch-
> url and the 'git log'. if i do the same thing on the same disk it
> works.

I did not face such problem myself, but I can offer two solutions to

1) Git repo on a file system is still a Git repo, so you can just push
   to it:
   $ cd /tmp/bkup
   $ git init --bare
   $ cd ~/devel/myrepo
   $ git push --mirror file:///tmp/bkup

2) Try to use git-bundle command for backups.

Also try to use the "-a" option to the cp command -- this is how
it actually supposed to be used. Or try good old tar.
As far as your disk space is not an issue, I'd stick to the first


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