On Jan 6, 9:20 am, "Michael P. Soulier" <msoul...@digitaltorque.ca>
> On 05/01/10 Trans said:
> > So I've cloned a repo, which is a fork of another repo. If I want to
> > update my repo to match the original (and ditch any changes I may have
> > made), how do I do it?
> Did you follow any workflow guidelines and make your changes on separate
> branches from master? If not your simplest option is to delete your cloned
> repo and reclone it.

I am using github. So I have my own fork. So it's more involved then
that. I would have to delete my fork, then refork it and then reclone
it. I was hoping for a simple way to update my repo without having to
do all that.

> Otherwise, just delete the branches you no longer need and pull changes from
> upstream master to yours. This won't sync other branches from upstream but you
> can make that happen too, especially if you made them tracking branches.
> I think you have some reading to do...

Too much reading... and I've already had to read too much as far as I
am concerned.
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