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>>> So I've cloned a repo, which is a fork of another repo. If I want to
>>> update my repo to match the original (and ditch any changes I may have
>>> made), how do I do it?
>> Did you follow any workflow guidelines and make your changes on separate
>> branches from master? If not your simplest option is to delete your cloned
>> repo and reclone it.
> I am using github. So I have my own fork. So it's more involved then
> that. I would have to delete my fork, then refork it and then reclone
> it. I was hoping for a simple way to update my repo without having to
> do all that.
I've just forked my friend's project on github, checked it out,
and it seems that the forked repo is not really tied to the repo
it was forked off: there's just one remote, "origin", which is
my forked repo.
So I think you have two ways to solve your problem:
1) Dumb but simple: just re-fork.
2) Smart but complicated:
   a) Add original repo, which you forked, as a second remote to your
      repo: just grab its "read-only" URL and do `git remote add ...`
      with that URL.
   b) Fetch the branches and necessary objects from that remote
      using `git fetch REMOTE`.
   c) Re-create your local branches from the matching branches from
      that remote (this would require some branch renaming and
      creation using `git branch ...`).
   d) Re-write matching branches in your forked remote branches
      using `git push ...` with the "-f" command-line option.

>> Otherwise, just delete the branches you no longer need and pull changes from
>> upstream master to yours. This won't sync other branches from upstream but 
>> you
>> can make that happen too, especially if you made them tracking branches.
>> I think you have some reading to do...
> Too much reading... and I've already had to read too much as far as I
> am concerned.
That's quite impolite, you know.
We're not your personal paid tech support so better make these statements
to yourself, privately.

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