I'm in the middle of moving a project (http://
tux4kids.alioth.debian.org) from subversion to git.  The repositories
for the source code itself are fine.

My question comes from the fact that we used a directory in our old
subversion repository to store the htdocs for our public-facing
website.  We used a svn hook function to update that directory
whenever a commit occurred.  I am trying to figure out the right way
to do this with git.  So far, I have "bare" git repositories for the
subprojects, including one for the website docs called "tux4kids-
web.git."  Since I need a copy of the files on the server for the
website, should I just make tux4kids-web.git non-bare?  Or should I
have a local clone of tux4kids-web.git on the server in the location
where Apache expects the htdocs to be?  If the latter, how do I get
the "official" bare tux4kids-web.git to propogate its changes to the
local clone whenever changes are pushed to it by our web developer?

Sorry if this question seems naive or newbie-ish - I'm fairly new to


David Bruce

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