A little follow-up, now that I know a bit more about git and the
problem I'm encountering.

Basically, on the server I have two git repos for tux4kids-web.  The
bare repo which receives pushes is /git/tux4kids/tux4kids-web.git.

There is an ordinary, non-bare clone of this repo on the same machine
at /home/groups/tux4kids/tux4kids-web.  The working directory of this
repo contains the docs for our public-facing website.  What I want is
for this directory to be automatically updated whenever the bare repo
receives a push.

My understanding is that this should be done through the "post-update"
hook under the bare repo, i.e. at
/git/tux4kids/tux4kids-web.git/hooks/post-update.  I've edited this
script so that it works as intended when invoked directly (it
basically changes to the target repo, does a "reset GIT_DIR .", and a
"git pull").

However, the post-update hook never gets run when I push to the bare
directory.  Is there something I need to do to enable
"hooks/post-update" other than changing its name from
"post-update.sample" to "post-update", editing it so it does what I
want, and making sure it is executable?

Thanks for any help,

David Bruce

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