I am new to git and there is an issue I want to clear up,

When you check out a git branch it your working directory its hides
the files not in your branch.

If you have say 3 branches and you want to check them all out
independently and work on them at the same time, are you allowed to
specify a directory name for each branch?

eg lets say my main reposity is at /git/repos/project1

Can I check out branch1, branch2 and branch3 respectively into /home/
myname/project1/branch1, /home/myname/project1/branch3. /home/myname/
project1/branch3, and work on them without interference?

Will issuing git commands reference the /git/repos/project1

The working directory aspect has me confused, because it seems that
checking out always references, a single directory in in /get/repos/
directory at all times.



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