On Mar 21, 1:45 pm, Konstantin Khomoutov <khomou...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mar 20, 9:51 pm, vfclists <vfcli...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> > I keep getting
> > Fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
> > and would like to know if there is a way to get git to give more
> > detail on what is going run, like some verbosity level both on the
> > server as well as locally,
> > ls -l /var/log/git doesn't seem to exist.
> I don't know how to increase the logging level on the client, but I
> want to give some hints.
> First, if you're trying to use the SSH transport, the whole thing
> works like this:
> 1) The client part logs in to the remote machine using SSH and spawns
> the git-receive-pack binary on the remote.
> 2) The git-send-pack on the client side is then spawned and these two
> binaries communicate over the SSH link.
> Hence, several problems may arise in this scenario:
> 1) You fail to authenticate properly -- check /var/log/auth.log (or
> whatever it is on your server side). Also try to log in to the remote
> side using plain SSH client.

My system consists of msysgit and TortoiseGit.
I setup the key using msysgit's ssh-keygen and Tortoise is able to
work with it fine.
I am not using the putty/plink system with msysgit.

output from cat /var/log/auth.log | grep git
Mar 22 12:02:09 pydev01 sshd[7075]: Accepted publickey for frank from port 1207 ssh2
Mar 22 12:02:09 pydev01 sshd[7077]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session
opened for user frank by (uid=0)

I can do all the operations with Tortoise. Somehow Tortoise seems able
to work with the key whereas msysgit doesn't.

Connecting via ssh (installed msysgit) works fine and uses the key
without. From what I understand Tortoise depends on msysgit so I can
suppose that Tortoise is not using its own additional binaries to

I prefer to use the command line as it would help with understanding
git better.

> 2) Authentication goes OK but git-receive-pack fails to start (not on
> the PATH of your remote account for instance). You can check it by
> trying to run it while being logged in as a regular user via SSH.

This works. I am able to ssh and run the git-receive-pack command.
> 3) The steps above work OK but the path to the repository you
> specified does not exist or is unreadable or something like this.
> Double check this.
I use the correct path. It is the same one used by Tortoies
> Second, if you're trying to use msysgit from the Windows box, you may
> have additional troubles with authentication.
> As you provided exactly zero amount of information about your setup, I
> won't be guessing.

I hope I have added enough to help. The path to the Git also binaries
come before the paths to the Tortoise binaries.



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