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> > When I try you suggestion, a message suggesting it is using plink to
> > connect, yet the ssh command works fine.
> > When I try to generate a key it also complains that the id_rsa file
> > already exists. It looks like although it was through Git I set up the
> > ssh key, it is expecting the file to be converted for use with plink
> > before it works.
> > I think I will create a putty connection for the username/server and
> > get the key converted and stored in it. That might work.
> Creating a putty session with for the git user on the server, saving
> the user name and adding the ppk to it solved the problem. It looks
> like TortoiseGit uses the id_rsa key, where as msysGit doesn't, as it
> probably expects a putty session with a username and saved .ppk key to
> already exist for use by plink.

I think the truth is that msysgit can be configured in different ways
while being set up.
As I extensively use putty for conrolling my Linux machines, I did not
explore the other means msysgit can use to talk with the servers.

You might find it useful to try another approach to msysgit+plink:
putty comes with a tool called "pageant" which is a SSH agent, that
is, you supply it with one or more private SSH keys, it asks for
passphrases for them and caches these passphrases.
So I use it like this: after logging in, I start a script which spawns
pageant with my ppk key, enter the password and then pageant just sits
in the tray.
Whenever I talk to a sevrer, plink picks the (decrypted) key from
pageant and logs to the server using it. This is hence convenient as I
only have to type my passphrase once per (windows) session. I find it
more usable than creating a specialized session in putty with a key

Also I think it worth noting that TortoiseGit is a project completely
separated from msysgit; instead, msysgit folks are working on their
own shell-integrated extension called Git Cheetah (it also integrates
to Nautilus on GNOME desktop). Its development appeared to be
stagnated for some time, but the latest preview bundle of msysgit
includes its working version, so you could try it out -- may be it
integrates more nicely with msysgit.

In any case, both msysgit and tortoisegit communities have their own
mailing lists -- if you have any issues with these pieces of software,
it's probably more appropriate to direct such kind of questions there.

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