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> What's the exact meaning of 'HEAD' ? Is it a tag or a branch, and what does
> it do/mean? When does one use it? And what might it mean when my remote repo
> says that there are two 'HEAD's, on different branches?

- *head* is a named reference to the commit at the *tip* of a branch. The most
  recent commit on a branch is referred to as the *tip* of that branch. The
  *tip* of the branch is referenced by a *branch head*, which moves forward as
  additional development is done on the branch.

- The terms *branch* and *head* are nearly synonymous in Git. Every *branch*
  is represented by one *head*, and every *head* represents one *branch*.
  Sometimes, *branch* will be used to refer to a head and the entire history of
  ancestor commits preceding that head, whereas *head* will be used to refer
  exclusively to a single commit object, the most recent commit in the branch.

- Note this difference: a **head** (lowercase) refers to any one of the
  *named* heads (master, stable, dust) in the repository; **HEAD** (uppercase)
  refers exclusively to the currently *active head*. This distinction is used
  frequently in Git documentation.


If you keep this 3 points in mind re-read the manuals, MANY things will be
started to feel clearer. :)



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