On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 07:22, Pito Salas <r...@salas.com> wrote:
> Dilip
> Thanks, that clears up a lot.
>> - Note this difference: a **head** (lowercase) refers to any one of the
>>  *named* heads (master, stable, dust) in the repository; **HEAD** (uppercase)
>>  refers exclusively to the currently *active head*. This distinction is used
>>  frequently in Git documentation.
> Currently "active head" means HEAD for the current checked out branch, yes?
> Also, then, what exactly does someone get when they do a "git clone"
> on a remote repo that has multiple branches and hence multiple heads?
> Thanks!
> Pito

By default they create and checkout a local tracking branch of
whatever HEAD in the remote repo is pointing at.

"git branch -r" will show you what the remote HEAD is pointing at, if
you have a clone of the repository.  This is will typically show:
"origin/HEAD -> origin/master"

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