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> Okay, maybe someone can give me advice for the best way to accomplish
> this...  I have a team of developers (myself included) for a PHP website.  I
> also have a design team.  On the main webserver I want to setup the "live"
> site where all tested code will go.  Then for each developer on the team, I
> want to have another site on the server where that developer can work and we
> can all see his development in progress.  The design team will also have
> their own site on the server.  So it would be something like this:
> - Serverhttp://site.com/live           (live site with only tested/approved 
> code)http://site.com/dev1           (test site for developer 1, which is a 
> clone
> of the live site)http://site.com/dev2           (test site for developer 2, 
> which is a clone
> of the live site)http://site.com/design               (test site for design 
> team, which is a clone
> of the live site)
> So the way I've tried to implement it is this...  Setup a main "bare" repo.
> Then have clones of the main repo for "live", "dev1", "dev2", "design" all
> in their respective webroot folders.  Then let's say dev1 makes a change
> that is tested and ready to go live...  I will go to the server into the
> dev1 repo and push it to the main repo.  Then I will go to the "live" repo
> and pull the changes to it.
> All devs will be able to clone their server "dev" repo to their local
> machine and work from there.  However, I want their server "dev" repo to be
> as current as possible so that I can go to the server site for them and see
> the latest changes.  So if developer 1 makes changes on his local clone,
> then he will commit the changes and "push" them to the server dev repo so
> that the entire team can view the changes on the server site.  The problem
> I'm running into is that when the dev pushes commits to the server, the
> server dev repo working files/folders don't reflect the changes that were
> pushed to it.  Therefore I can visit the "dev1" site after a commit was
> pushed to it and it will look/work the same as before the push.  I need to
> always keep the "dev" sites current with the latest changes.

While Rick's suggestion sounds more sensible, your proposed workflow
involving pushing to non-bare (devN) repos can actually be done using
hooks -- you just missed the last bits of that FAQ entry. A working
sample of such hook can be found in [1] for instance (also don't miss
the article it refers to).

1. http://groups.google.com/group/git-users/msg/c136097332748b1c?hl=en

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