On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 12:04 PM, Matt Palermo <mpale...@vt.edu> wrote:
> Well, this is a private site system, so I definitely don't want it hosted on
> github or any other 3rd party server.

You can have private repositories on github, you just have to pay for
them.  Almost all of my clients have gone to using private github

But it's just one option.  You can easily host the repo yourself using
say gitosis, or git itself.

> The other problem is that we meet
> with the dev team mostly every day, so it would be a pain to constantly be
> pulling updates from the main repo before the meetings.  It's a lot easier
> for me to just have each dev push to the server and have that reflect the
> latest changes.

Not sure what you mean.  I'm suggesting setting up a deployment
environment which lets developers deploy to (a) staging server(s)
whenever necessary.

In most of my projects this happens constantly, not just once per day.

What difference does it make if that deploy does a checkout/pull from
a repo rather than pushing to a non-bare repo on the server?

> Sorry, I'm very new to git, so I'm just trying to figure out the best
> strategy to use.

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