On Thu, May 06, 2010 at 01:51:53PM -0700, Trans wrote:
> I notice that almost every tagging example uses a version number with
> a prefixed 'v', e.g.
>   $ tag -a -m "first major point release" v1.0.0
> I, on the other hand, have never bothered with 'v' prefix, and have
> always done, e.g.:
>   $ tag -a -m "first major point release" 1.0.0
> Is there some reason to use the 'v' that I am unaware? Am I going to
> have issues on other platforms or something?
> Thanks.

Maybe not a huge deal, but you do lose the ability to do:

        % git describe --match='v*'

It's just a convention, but not a bad one.  If you consider
that later you might imagine a new use for tags, then using
a convention today allows scripts to protect themselves by
only considering the "v" tags.

Many large projects use this convention, too.
Consistency never hurts, especially for mundane stuff
like tag naming ;-)



[1] - Maybe they all just copied Linus?


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