> Okay this one is (perhaps) a little more challenging. The tag date is
> the date the tag was created. But to me the tag date needs to be the
> date of the last commit made upto that tag. Right now I extract the
> date via:
>   $ tag show 1.0.0
> Which gives me a header:
>   tag 1.0.0
>   Tagger: 7rans <transf...@gmail.com>
>   Date:   Wed May 26 09:48:42 2010 -0400
> Anyone have a good way to do likewise, but get the date of the last
> commit as of the tag, instead of the date the tag was created?

I suspect it's as simple as using
$ git show 1.0.0^
that is, referencing the first (and only) parent of the tag object.
Refer to the "SPECIFYING REVISIONS" section of git rev-parse manual

Possibly as soon as you understand that all Git commits and annotaned
tags link to each other using object names (hashes), this idea becomes

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