On Jun 9, 12:34 am, Dan Z <danielza...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've got some apps on Heroku, and I need to re-init or clean out the
> repositories they use, but Heroku doesn't support direct access to the
> machine. Is there a git command I can use to re-init or completely
> wipe out all history in the remote repository?
You can delete any object (branches and tags) in the remote repo by
pushing "nothing" to them.
For example, to delete branches "master" and "slave" in the remote
repo do
$ git push origin :master :slave
Alternatively, if the remote repo does not explicit hooks' setup
preventing non-fast-forward updates, you can just forcibly push any
new content of a branch. That is, if you have replaced the history of
the branch "master", you can forcibly make remote's "master" have the
same history by pushing it this way:
$ git push -f origin master

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