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> Thanks for the reply. However, this doesn't work. If I try to push
> nothing, I get this error:
> -----> Heroku receiving push
>  !     Heroku push rejected due to an unrecognized error. Please try
> again later.
> error: hooks/pre-receive exited with error code 2
> To g...@heroku.com:myapp.git
>  ! [remote rejected] master (pre-receive hook declined)
> error: failed to push some refs to '....@heroku.com:myapp.git'

OK, so try the same with the "-f" command-line option, like this:
$ git push -f origin :master :slave
That is, try to force the push.
They could have also prevented forced pushes, but let's try first.

> When I push a branch with a different history (which is what I already
> tried), it simply ADDS to the history. It doesn't replace what was
> already there.
I can't beleive that. Possibly you misunderstand what "different
history" does really stand for.
Different histories mean something like this:
1) Your local branch has the history record like this:
with the tip commit D;
2) Your remote branch has the history record like this:
with the tip commit Z (the bits between [ and ] are common between
so the two histories have diverged since commit "B" (which naturally
can happen if someone pushed X-Z line while you were hacking away
implementing C-D line).
The fact is, in Git, it's impossible to "add" C-D upon X-Z when you
push, this simply can't happen, but the --force (-f) option can be
used to direct Git's remote part to just *throw away* commits X-Z and
replace them with C-D you're pushing. That's what I suggested to do.
If your local branch does not have any common history with remote one,
such forced push will replace the whole history record of the remote

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