hello group,

I use git for some months. Given the way I work, I find myself doing a
certain sequence of git actions regularly. Although it isn't that much
work, I was wondering if there is a one-command way of doing it.

- branch _master_ contains the software version everybody uses
- I do all my work in branch _work_ ;
- if I am ready with my work, the branch lies one or more commits
ahead on master. If we decide the changes are ready to submit to the
repository, I want master to contain the changes and point to the same
commit as work does. I do the following:
   - I check out the master branch
   - I do 'reset --hard work' so that master point to the same commit
as work does
   - I check out work again to continue

Is the same result possible without switching to the master branch?

regards, Ruud

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