Are you the only one to work on these branches? If not, you loose the
work other have done.

-*--*--*--*--< master
   \-*--*--*--< work

A "reset --hard work" with branches like above loose the 3 commits
made on master and simply make master to refer to the same commit than

If you are alone, you can work directly on master if you want to save
some manual operations.
if you are not alone, you should use merge instead of reset or,
better, you should rebase your work on the new master's state, then
merge it to master.

On Sep 16, 6:57 am, ruud <> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> I forgot to mention the work branch is based on master. It is one or
> more commits ahead. I only  want to move the master head to the work
> head.
> regards, Ruud

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