What I have is "master" for the active development and "live" for the
released version, which was branched at some point from "master".

When I work on a new feature I create a branch off "master" called
"feature-x", work on it a bit and when it is ready merge it back to
master. But I also would like to merge the changes betweek "master"
and "feature-x" into live instead of merging the whole master. This
doesn't seem to work:

git checkout master
git checkout -b feature-x
# ....
git commit -am "finished feature"
git checkout master
git merge feature-x
git checkout live
git merge feature-x

As it seems to merge all of master into live. Could I use rebase for
this? I am able to do it by hand with "git format-patch" and "git
apply", but there must be a better way.

I also need to do it the other way around with hotfixes. I branch off
"live" for this and merge it into "live", but I also want to merge
them into "master" at some point.

I was under the opinion that it just works, but that obviously not

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