I've been working with git in my local repo for some months already (i.e.
there is already a bunch of commits and some branches), and I'd like to use
git to integrate with my online server (use git pull, push, clone, fetch,

How should I start? Is there a way to do this without messing with my local
history and without the risk to kill my live site?

I've tried setting a remote repo (git add origin ssh:user@server) and doing
a 'git pull' while on the branch i'd like to sync with the online server,
but it created another branch. Is it ok? Or should I use git fetch?

After that, what should I do to upload my changes without risking to kill my
live site? I have a branch named 'master' that is supposed to be my release

I think I am doing ok with my local repo and git, but the remote part is
still a mystery to me.

Thanks for your help, pals!

Daniel Trezub

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