Hi, guys.

Some other questions:

It depends a bit on what you already have on your live site.

Why? My live site is supposed to be the same version from my master branch
in my local repo.

4) Clear out the live server (or move the old contents away or something)

But this way I'll have a downtime in my site :(

It's always good to have your release/master branch to have a linear
> history.

Why? Does it make things easier when pushing to the remote repo?

I've found this method, with uses only git and warrant no downtime:


Now, my question is about the remote way of live with git: when I
merge/rebase to a remote/origin/master branch, git only updates my local
copy of this branch, right? I should use "git push" to send the changes to
the server or it'll do it automatically?

Thanks a lot!

Daniel Trezub

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