I currently have a "bare" repo to be used by a development team for
maintaining a project with git. I have a "fetch" repo which was
created using git-svn.

The fetch repo gets the updated information from the central svn
repository using

git svn --all
git push origin --mirror

This lets me pick up all branches so that the development team can set
up and use all svn branches. The trunk is tracked by master.

I would want to be able to dcommit all branches as well.

Currently I have the upci alias from blog.tfnico.com that uses awk to
determine the current branch, does an update-ref on that branch (with
the correct remote) and then does a dcommit. This does the dcommit on
the single branch that the fetch server is set to.

How could I do the pull on all branches followed by a dcommit on those
branches that had been changed. The "bare" repository is defined as
"origin". Would I need to do this by hand or not?

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