On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 1:36 PM, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen
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>> Thanks. Unfortunately I do have a lot of branches. Actually, the fetch
>> does pick up all branches and sends them to the "bare" repository so
>> that every fetch updates every branch. So far it is only the dcommit
>> that is giving the problem. I am trying to avoid having to get
>> everyone use a git svn clone from the original svn repository rather
>> than a git clone from a git repository. So far, the only way to do
>> this is to only dcommit to the trunk (or master).
> How about having people..
> * cloning the bare repository (so they don't have to wait for the very
> long git svn clone process)
> * doing a git svn init -s svn_url (like it is configured in the fetching repo)
> * dcommit to svn themselves with "upci".
>> I would also have to set up automatic scripts to dcommit when everyone
>> commits as well.
> I think it's best that people themselves are responsible for running
> dcommit/upci. Automating committing to svn like this can be a bit
> dangerous.

I don't quite follow what you mean here.

git svn init -s svn_url svn_dir

just sets up an empty situation. To get the "bare" repository,
wouldn't I have to have the git svn be fully cloned?

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