Hi to all.......

I am a totally new user to the concept of git and it's my first
project in which i'm using it.I have a few doubts regarding git,,,,and
i thought the best place to ask those doubts was here :)

I have a svn developer account @identity.kde.org.I created a clone
using the ssh protocol( ssh g...@git.kde.org clone kexi mykexi).i was
informed that the clone was made in clones/konversation/<my KDE
Identity user name>/mykexi. But how do i access this clone and
download the files into my local system.

also,one more thing...i wanted some particular code submitted by
another user in my system.However on creating a clone on my local
system,i cannot find the code.though that br:Danch is visible when i
run git branch -a .

Please help me...Im in a fix and it,s urgent...

Thanks a lot in advance!! :D

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