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Shreya Pandit <shreya.pandi...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi to all.......
> I am a totally new user to the concept of git and it's my first
> project in which i'm using it.I have a few doubts regarding git,,,,and
> i thought the best place to ask those doubts was here :)
> I have a svn developer account @identity.kde.org.I created a clone
> using the ssh protocol( ssh g...@git.kde.org clone kexi mykexi).i was
> informed that the clone was made in clones/konversation/<my KDE
> Identity user name>/mykexi. But how do i access this clone and
> download the files into my local system.
> also,one more thing...i wanted some particular code submitted by
> another user in my system.However on creating a clone on my local
> system,i cannot find the code.though that br:Danch is visible when i
> run git branch -a .

It's impossible to say anything sensible unless you present us with
precise commands you issue and their output.

Also don't be vague in terms--statements like "submitted by ... user
in my system" and then "...creating a clone on my local system ..." are
virtually unparsable because it's unknown what systems are being talked
about and where precistly is that branch visible if you first tell us
you're even unable to clone a repository to your local box...
Too much guesswork is required, you see.

Anyway, [1] states that what the command "ssh ... mykexi" you described
is actually a feature of KDE development infrastructure and has no
direct relation to Git--it just creates a personal clone of
a specified repository *on the server*, and supposedly you then have to
clone that repository to your local machine to actually work on the
code. [1] links to [2] which does not say much about how these personal
repositories are to be accessed but from [3] I think you should use
something like:

$ mkdir ~/devel
$ cd ~/devel
$ git clone git://g...@git.kde.org/clones/kexi/YOUR_ID/mykexi kexi

If I'm right, you'll end up with the ~/devel/kexi directory containing
the clone of your private server-side fork of the kexi repository.
You will supposedly be able to push to it.

The rest is up to you as your problem appears to be rather specific to
the KDE infrastructure and so you'd better ask about this in the
relevant KDE mailing lists/newsgroups/forums/IRC/whatever else as we
are only able to help with Git itself.

Note that [4] yields a whole lot of guides and HOWTOs about using Git
to participate in the KDE development, so possibly you should start
from studying those resources.

1. http://community.kde.org/Sysadmin/GitKdeOrgManual#clone
3. http://community.kde.org/Sysadmin/GitKdeOrgManual#Repository_paths
4. http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Akde.org+Git+for+developers

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