I have a git repository, bare that is, stored on a local NAS server.
It has a FTP server and this server is accessible through a dyndns
address. I use the ftp server for other backups and there is no
problem accessing it from anywhere
At home i usually access it as a network disk z:\

Problem is that I can only clone via network, but not from ftp

The following gives an example. offcourse, my ftp address is not the
one shown so don't even try ;)

Using ftp access:
c:\>git clone ftp://ha...@hablahabla.org:1234/Z029_Timer/sw
Cloning into sw...
Password: <typing correct pwd here>
error: Server denied you to change to the given directory while
accessing ftp://ha...@hablahabla.org:1234/Z029_Timer/sw/info/refs

fatal: HTTP request failed


Error is possible that folder sw/info/refs does not exist and never
has so where git decided to  go looking for that folder is not easy
for me to understand.

However, this works:

c:\>git clone z:\Z029_Timer\sw
Cloning into sw...


I guess you noticed the server denial here when accessing through

How can i overcome this problem???. It can clearly see and try to
access the repository but it seems there are some limitation for git
to handle clone via ftp or there is limitation in the built in ftp
server of my NAS.

What is wrong???


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