On 27.05.2011 09:22, Andy wrote:
On 26/05/2011 22:58, zainka wrote:

Using ftp access:
c:\>git clone ftp://ha...@hablahabla.org:1234/Z029_Timer/sw
Cloning into sw...
Password:<typing correct pwd here>
error: Server denied you to change to the given directory while
accessing ftp://ha...@hablahabla.org:1234/Z029_Timer/sw/info/refs
Depending on your ftp server implementation, the directory that you
are looking for may not be available. An ftp server doesn't 'usually'
give you access to the entire filesystem - it uses it's own
'directories' to make available various places on the filesystem e.g.
'work' might point at /usr/local/share/work_in_progress. Often an ftp
staring directory is created for anonymous access that points at a
public area of your server.

Have you tried manually ftping into your server and seeing what
directories are available.


Manual "ftping" shows no such folder like /info/refs. I did actually know that, I just thought that when doing a "git clone <ftp-addr to repository>" then the git client should know how to access the folders in ".git" through ftp and complete the ftp address path so that it asks for the correct file.

Actually, I thought that this should work regardless who implemented the ftp server as long as it follows the
ftp protocol.

Thing is, that the .git folder is there, and my git client should know how to access information in it as long as I give the path to it. I mean, a ftp client knows how to do it. I am not familiar with the ftp protocol though.

By the way, I have a MD253 Nas server from sitecom.

Best regards

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