I think you've got a user with some bad ideas. 

Gerrit is for code-reviewing, accepting patches into a given branch.

Yes, it can merge patches in, but it can't rebase.

I would definitely not recommend Gerrit as a tool for branching, merging and 
rebasing. Your user just has to learn some Git, using either command line, 
or something like TortoiseGit (I'm assuming this is a Windows user).

On Friday, May 27, 2011 7:22:46 PM UTC+2, mbaydiver wrote:
> Thanks, 
> I use cGit and really have not found a reason to replace it yet. However I 
> now have a user who wants to do branching, merging 
> and rebase functions through a web interface. 
> I really don't like the idea but I do need to see if it's feasible. 

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