I'm at a company that uses CVS for version control.  Unfortunately, we
normal users aren't allowed to branch and merge.  I read a few pages
about using git underneath CVS to get some branching/merging benefits
on a local box.  I followed the guides, set it up, and started loving
it, but I'm finding it a bit difficult to deal with coworkers.  Most
of the guides I've read look like 
and work well for 1 developer.

My current source of frustration comes from changes made on top of a
remote branch.  A coworker and I each checked out a CVS project, did
"git init" and were good to go.  But we did that at slightly different
times.  I then made a remote tracking branch that looked to his
branch, branched off of that, and did a lot of work.  I'd like to get
updates from CVS (which I keep in my local master branch).  But
because we don't have that shared initial commit, merging in the
changes was pretty rough (once, but I'd like to avoid that pain for
other coworkers).  As far as I can tell, rebasing is busted, too
(which I think I want to do, but I'm very new to the concept of

Does anyone else work this way?  I'm thinking what I should have done
me: checkout project
me: git init && git add . && git commit -am "initial commit"
him: checkout the project
him: copy the source files somewhere safe
him: git clone my repo
him: restore his files, git commit to restore his starting place.
me: set up git remotes to look at his repo

Does that sounds about right?  I'm a little iffy on the copying of
files back and forth (seems dirty).

I'm also having a small annoyance with the ignored CVS directories.
If I cvs-update while in master, then use the eclipse team-sync
feature while on a branch, eclipse actually tries to tell me I need to
check in a reverse patch for the updates I just pulled in.  The issue
seems to be the CVS/Entries file being updated, then ignored when I
switch (effectively back in time) to another git branch.  If I merge
master into my working branch (this is really where I think I should
be using rebase), this goes away.  Maybe I just need to change my
workflow so that I'm always pulling in cvs update and merging them to
working branches, but I wish I'd seen that mentioned in some of the

Anyway, if anyone has comments on my potential work flow or has a
resource that talks about using CVS + git in a group setting, I'd love
to read it.  I couldn't find one that went over group settings into
the right amount of detail.


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