Hello people,

I would like perform a checkout and reset to a particular commit in
the master branch using GIT Gui.


checkout : i would like to travel back to a particular commit, view
the file contents and again switch back to the latest one. (i know how
to do this in cui mode, exploring gui mode now)

I am presently doing a checkout to a particular commit by opening gitk
selecting the commit id and then opening the checkout window in the
git gui and in the revision expression field  giving the commit id and
checking it out.

and when i want to return back to the latest checkout i am selecting
the "local branch -> master" in the checkout dialog window in git gui
to return back to the present state.

Dont know what to do for reset...

So kindly do let me know
1. if there is a shorter way to perform the checkout operation than
how i am doing right now as described above
2. how to reset to a particular commit within the same branch using
git gui

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