On 12 Cze, 20:33, geppo12 <doctorge...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like delete initial commits. To do this i create a new branch
> clean repository
> git reset --hard HEAD
> create new reference
> git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/test
> git rm --cached -r .
> git commit --allow-empty -m "start"
> re-sync working tree
> git checkout -f master
> git checkout test
> now i would like get some commits form master branch into empty branch
> git cherry-pick master
> that don't work
> I tried also
> git cherry-pick -Xtheirs master
> with same result
> i used msysgit and 1.7.4

git git version 1.7.1

i did your above steps and at the end:
  * git checkout test
  * git log master (to show ids)
  * git cherry-pick someid (without 'master' at the end)

it works
> any ieda ?
> Best Regards
> Giuseppe Monteleone

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