Hi Thorsten,

This is a common problem when there are colliding branch names with branch 
directories. You can have multiple branches sharing a prefix, and git uses 
directories to represent this):


So you already have a reference here:

.git/refs/remotes/trunk  <-- a file with a SHA in it 

(the above is probably the first branch that gets created when git-svn 
starts to run.)

Later git-svn finds a branch inside branches/trunk/factory - and it tries to 
create this (the branch is called factory, and it has a prefix "trunk/") . 
So it first tries to create a directory .git/refs/remotes/trunk to represent 
the prefix "trunk/" - but it fails because a file already exists in that 

Now, for workaround:

1) If the branches/trunk/factory branch still exists, try to delete it. 
Restart the git-svn clone from scratch.
2) If that doesn't work, add an exclude for it: 

--ignore-paths "branches/dev|branches/trunk"

.. and restart the git-svn clone from scratch.

3) If it still doesn't work, you might have to fall back to trying to 
"jiggle the .git/refs/remotes/ files during the git-svn clone.

When git-svn clone halts with your failure message, try going into that 
directory, and temporary move away the trunk reference (the file). Then 
continue the cloning by doing "git svn fetch" inside the repository base 

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