I'm totally new to Git and this may or may not be the place to ask
such basic questions. Feel free to redirect me if I chose the wrong
door, as it were.

Background - out company is a windows shop. I have the opportunity to
introduce something other than VSS. But that is what I have the most
familiarity with

I have been reading and experimenting and one thing I have come across
that is confusing me - and I'm sure it is a concept issue.

If I have a local project I am working on. C:\The Project - which
contains the usual visual studio project tree, .sln, project
directory, .cs files, debug/bin.

I then configure that C:\TheProject as a git repository. And then
create a branch - My CoolNewStuff.

If I make a change in MyCoolNewStuff, and commit it, that change shows
up as a change in the master branch. And will also show up if I make
another branch called OtherNeatStuff. This happens no matter what
branch I am looking at (via checkout and refresh) or when that branch
was created.

The other confusion I find is that the latest change is always what
gets built the compiling. That is - If I add a configuration setting
to MyCoolNewStuff, it will appear in the build, even if I am intending
to build the Master or the OtherNeatStuff branch.

So the actual questions are -

How would I build different branches based on one master? (I'm
assuming some step in branching I'm missing) How do I keep changes
separate from each branch and not visible until I actually merge?

Thanks for any help you might offer


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