On Wed, 3 Aug 2011 11:06:11 -0700 (PDT)
Michael Hazen <michaelsha...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm totally new to Git and this may or may not be the place to ask
> such basic questions. Feel free to redirect me if I chose the wrong
> door, as it were.
This list is specifically intended for end-user questions.

> I then configure that C:\TheProject as a git repository. And then
> create a branch - My CoolNewStuff.
> If I make a change in MyCoolNewStuff, and commit it, that change shows
> up as a change in the master branch. And will also show up if I make
> another branch called OtherNeatStuff. This happens no matter what
> branch I am looking at (via checkout and refresh) or when that branch
> was created.
This simply cannot happen.
If you have a branch "foo" currently checked out, the next commit will
update that branch "foo".
Hence see below.

> The other confusion I find is that the latest change is always what
> gets built the compiling. That is - If I add a configuration setting
> to MyCoolNewStuff, it will appear in the build, even if I am intending
> to build the Master or the OtherNeatStuff branch.
> So the actual questions are -
> How would I build different branches based on one master? (I'm
> assuming some step in branching I'm missing) How do I keep changes
> separate from each branch and not visible until I actually merge?

I suspect you're using some funky GUI app which can do strange stuff
behind the scenes, or you can have some misconceptions about how it
works.  So the most obvious next step is to get plain msysgit and try
out things as they're described in textbooks, like:

C:\>cd temp
C:\temp>mkdir foo; cd foo
C:\temp\foo>git init .

and so on, creating new branches, checking them out adding files,
inspecting the differences between branches by running
git log master..newbranch
and so on.

Once you're familiar with the concepts, move on to Git-alizing a
real-world project etc.  And only then look at your pet GUI tool.

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