On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 14:33:18 +0100
Andy Hardy <a...@hardyfamily.org.uk> wrote:

> I'm using git svn to allow me to use git locally and then send back to
> our central svn repository.
> I generally tend to create tracking branches - usually based on an svn
> branch.
> Unfortunately, I started a tracking branch based on the svn trunk - I
> thought that the work would end up there soon but now it needs to be
> delayed.
> I have performed a number of local commits, but have not performed an
> svn dcommit.
> I would like to change my local tracking branch so that it now points
> to a 'feature' branch on svn so that I can send my work back to svn
> and allow it to be picked up by others at a later date.
> The svn feature branch does not currently exist.
> What is the best way to create this svn branch and point my own branch
> at it?
`git branch` supports the --set-upstream option.

So probably the way to go would be to create a new branch
(`git svn branch` may be) then make your repo know the branch exists 
(`git svn fetch` ?) and then set the tracking branch to the new one
using the `git branch --set-upstream`

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