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er <arobase...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Were you running as root when you checked out?  The files are owned
> > by root, and only root has permission to delete them.
> >
> > Assuming you have permission to run sudo, you might want to run:
> >
> > sudo chown -R er .
> >
> > to reclaim ownership of all the files in the directory.
> I realize I should have preceded the command by sudo.
What command are you talking about? `chown` or `git clone`?

> Having said this, now that the harm is done (the warnings), what do I
> do about it?
But the problem had just been explained and the solution proposed.
Are you familiar with the chown command?

> BTW, I'm not even clear why fetch has to be followed by checkout. git
> seems to require an additional step compared with svn commands. e.g.
> commit followed by push.
What is not really clear, is why are you asking a question like this.
Looks like you're trying to use Git without reading at least some very
basic tutorial on it; that's not gonna work because Git is in many ways
*conceptually* different from Subversion.  If so, please save our time
and start with [1] -- there's an abundance of free documentation
including tutorials and HOWTOs and even freely available books.

1. http://www.git-scm.com/documentation

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