I'm trying to migrate from CVS to git. To that end, I'm trying to use the
'git cvsimport' command to import an existing CVS repository into a remote
bare git repository I've created.

I have set up the git repository using 'git init --bare repos.git' and I
have verified that I can clone this (empty) repository over an ssh
transport. I have set up ssh public key authentication successfully.

However, when I try to import the CVS repository into the remote repository

git cvsimport -i -r git@mygithost:.git -v -d :pserver:.... reposname

it'll start retrieving the CVS histories, but then fail with:

fatal: Cannot lock the ref 'refs/remotes/git@mygithost:repos.git/master'.
Cannot write branch master for update: Bad file descriptor

What does that mean, and what is the correct workflow to migrate from CVS to
I'm using git

Note that I wish to keep CVS's centralized model for now by using a
centralized bare repository that will function as a shared upstream for all
developers in our project; that's why I am trying to import the CVS
repository into it.

Thanks for any help.

 - Godmar

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