Minor correction: the actual command I used is not

On Sep 27, 9:30 pm, Godmar Back <god...@gmail.com> wrote:
> git cvsimport -i -r git@mygithost:.git -v -d :pserver:.... reposname

but rather:

git cvsimport -i -r git@mygithost:repos.git -v -d :pserver....

where 'repos.git' is the repository directory I created in the user's
git home directory on the 'mygithost' machine. (This directory will
play the role of the CVSROOT directory.) Note that I can successfully
do 'git clone git@mygithost:repos.git' and obtain an empty repository,
so I know that I've initialized it correctly. It just won't accept any
imports when used in the '-r' argument to git cvsimport.

 - Godmar

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