I agree that git and its doc is a bit hard to learn - I had my fights
too. The point is: where cvs and svn is pretty straight forward, git
needs time to learn.

"git fetch" updates your local database, but the "local database" is
not the same as in svn or cvs. In git you have a local and a remote
database and neither the local nor remote database does/needs not
contain any files you work on (the remote database is mostly a "bare"
database) - you have to checkout from that local database first to
access your files.

"git pull" retrieves the remote branch (you currently working on) to
your local database.
"git fetch" retrieves all branches to your local database.
"git checkout" updates the local files from your local database.

For my department I created a "Git cheat sheet" which contains our
usual workflows - which is maybe the best way if not everybody has
time to invest in git.

Please have a look here that explains it: http://progit.org/blog.html

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