Regarding the "git sucks" thingie, I like to think of if like this*:

There's simple stuff, and there's easy stuff.

Simple means the opposite of complex. Easy, on the other hand, means it's 
very close to the stuff you already know. Git is "simple". Subversion is 

Git is *a lot* of features in one tool (think of the 100+ git plumbing 
commands). Each feature is simple, but learning to use them together is 
good bit of work. As soon as you've understood the model (eureka!), the 
tool never fails you, and you find it more and more fun to use the more you 
learn. This is why there are so many git enthusiasts.

Subversion has a very limited set of features.It also turns awfully complex 
when you want to do stuff like merging. Actually the more I learned about 
Subversion, and the more I used it, the more frustrating I found it to use.

Long story short: Use the right tool for the job. If Git is too a heavy 
investment for you right now, use something you know already.

Rambo: If you are a Git-beginner, and you want direct answers on what to do 
with a certain problem, this mailing list is a great place to ask (also the 
#git IRC channel). But please don't start with insulting the documentation 
that the community has produced. 

By the way, this sounds like a good start for a user coming from SVN like 

* This categorization is stolen from Rich Hickey's talk here:

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