Dear git experts,

I'm trying to convert a couple of Subversion repositories to git. The
structure looks like this:

+ project1
  + trunk
    + src
  + tags
    + 1.0rc1
      + src
  + branches
    + 1.x
      + src
  + releases
    + 1.0
      + src

+ project2
  + trunk
  + tags
  + branches
  + releases
  + some_branch
    + src

I managed to import project1 like this:

  cd project1
  git init
  git svn init svn://
  git config svn-remote.svn.fetch "project1/trunk:refs/remotes/git-svn/
  git config svn-remote.svn.tags "project1/tags/*:refs/remotes/git-svn/
  git config svn-remote.svn.branches "project1/branches/*:refs/remotes/
  git config --add svn-remote.svn.branches "project1/releases/*:refs/

But how do I map the single branch "some_branch" in project2?

I tried something like this:

  git config --add svn-remote.svn.branches "project2/some_branch:refs/

But it seems that I am forced to use wildcards to specify branches,
e.g. they have to be in a subdirectory.

I guess I could specify:

  git config --add svn-remote.svn.branches "project2/*:refs/remotes/

And then later rename branch "extra/some_branch" to "some_branch" and
delete all "extra/*" branches. This seems a bit clumsy. Any better way
to do this? Like directly mapping a single branch?


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